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Desktop Features

Lex Talus Corporation is devoted to the creation of innovative, precise and highly usable ballistic software for those interested in long range shooting. The entire orientation of the company is to embody in our software tools that will be consulted and employed often such that the software becomes a real resource for enhancing first shot hits at range. The software is designed to be used as an interpretive tool, a way of comparing bullets, loads and calibers; to calibrate the users scope; to help the user in understanding what his bullets do after they depart the muzzle.

We want our software to be user friendly, constantly consulted and relied upon to deliver fast, accurate firing solutions. We welcome ideas to enhance our software and stand ready to incorporate additional capabilities deemed of benefit to the shooting community.

As a matter of corporate philosophy, we do not believe in two tier product development, i.e., a military, police or other "official" product and a second, less capable, product for "civilian" use. Whatever is available for individual use by a citizen in the military should be available to all citizens as far as we are concerned. This, in our opinion, is fundamental to any concept of limited government that should form the basis of free republics in general, but is certainly applicable to the American republic and culture in particular.  Having said that, you will notice that there is a product listed on the Ashbury International website (Ashbury is the U.S. distributor for certain specific versions of the software), the Delta Vm, that is described as a "militarized" version of the software.  The software is identical to the Delta V in terms of its tools, features and capabilities.  The sole differences are that the Delta Vm has provision for rangefinder interfaces to equipment that is not available commercially and would be of little use to the non-military user.  Second, the software comes with preconfigured bullet and rifle profiles that reflect the current equipment being used by the U.S. military.  (These files are easily reproduced by the non-military user since none of the information contained in the profiles is restricted; it is all public information.) 

The implications of our philosophy are manifold but include a desire not to permit the acquisition of our products by those who do not revere individual liberty. We are therefore working to develop distribution methods which will limit the availability of our products and access to our website in non-democratic countries.

Refund Policy:  Return the products purchased in new and unused condition within 15 days of purchase for a complete refund of the purchase.  Shipping costs are not refundable.

Privacy Policy:  It is simple.  We share our customer data with no one.  Ever.  We do not capture, view, or retain credit card information.  All credit card data is encrypted and automatically processed by Authorize.Net.