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Recommended Rangefinders - There are a number of rangefinders that are available but we recommend only those manufactured by Vectronix.  The PLRF 10C, PLRF 15C are no longer being manufactured but are available on the used market.  The company makes the Vector IV, Vector 21, Vector 23, and Moskito, but these models will likely be available only to the military or law enforcement.  This leaves only the PLRF 25C and PLRF 25C BT available for the civilian shooter, the latter having Bluetooth connectivity capability.  For any serious long range work, this unit is realistically the only reasonable choice.  An initial review of the this rangefinder is available here: PLRF 25C BT Notes.

It is not necessary, of course, to have a range finder connection in order to use the software.  Any decent range finder will work but all ranging data will have to be input by hand.  For casual use of the software this is probably not a serious drawback.  For professional or intense competitive use, a Vectronix rangefinder, either a Vector or PLRF, is highly advised.  We recommend the vendor Twenty20 Insight, Inc., of Canada.  A good contact there would be Jim Goodman who is knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.