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World Magnetic Model File - Current data file (WMM.COF) for 2015 - 2020: Download (copy to the FFS_Data folder.)

PDA Registry Editor - For advanced users who have a need to view or change the registry data for any CE, Pocket PC, or Windows Mobile device, this is a good and reliable editor.  CeRegEditor download.

Detailed Explanation of Scope Calibration - The article explains not only why scope calibration is a good, even essential, task to undertake periodically, but it presents the essential math behind the concept.  Scope Calibration.pdf

Unzipping zipped files - Very shortly a new way to update your card will be made available in the form of an automated process that will be downloaded in a zipped file.  If you do not have software to unzip these compact files, you can download freeware from the 7-Zip website.  This is very good software that has worked flawlessly on our computers.

Trimble 900L firmware patch - If your unit starts the program each time it is powered up, there is a operating system patch that has been released by Trimble that corrects this issue.  Download the instructions here.

General Introduction to the Program - This is the READ ME file that is sent to each purchaser of the software.  Delta User Notes.

Update to Twist Calculator program - TwistCalc.exe is an executable program found on the SD card in the \Utility directory.  It has been updated to version which can import Bullet Profiles directly for barrel twist/bullet stability analysis.  Download TwistCalc and replace the existing program. 

Display Delta program on desktop - Download  MyMobiler (Freeware) to your desktop or laptop computer.  Connect PDA to computer and install MyMobiler.  Open the MyMobiler folder on the desktop and double-click on the MyMobiler icon.  The PDA screen appears on the desktop monitor and makes data entry in the Delta program easier since it is being done from a full sized keyboard.

Updated Bullet Database - Download then copy to the FFS_Data folder; replace existing file.  For use in Delta software version 4.2 and higher only.)  Last update: 20 June 2014.

Necessary Support Software

If you are using WM 5.0, you may need to install .NET Compact Framework 2.0 on your PDA.  Download and then install: