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Why our Nomad has the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system - Explanation as to why the Nomad 1050L we sell comes with the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system while the standard or normal operating system for this device is the Windows Mobile 6.5.    View

Kestrel 5700 Compatibility - Discussion of the lack of compatibility between the Kestrel 5700 and the Nomad and other PDAs that run the Delta V software.  View

World Magnetic Model File - Current data file (WMM.COF) for 2015 - 2020: Download (copy to the FFS_Data folder.)

PDA Registry Editor - For advanced users who have a need to view or change the registry data for any CE, Pocket PC, or Windows Mobile device, this is a good and reliable editor.  CeRegEditor download.

Detailed Explanation of Scope Calibration - The article explains not only why scope calibration is a good, even essential, task to undertake periodically, but it presents the essential math behind the concept.  Scope Calibration.pdf

Unzipping zipped files - Very shortly a new way to update your card will be made available in the form of an automated process that will be downloaded in a zipped file.  If you do not have software to unzip these compact files, you can download freeware from the 7-Zip website.  This is very good software that has worked flawlessly on our computers.

Trimble 900L firmware patch - If your unit starts the program each time it is powered up, there is a operating system patch that has been released by Trimble that corrects this issue.  Download the instructions here.

General Introduction to the Program - This is the READ ME file that is sent to each purchaser of the software.  Delta User Notes.

Update to Twist Calculator program - TwistCalc.exe is an executable program found on the SD card in the \Utility directory.  It has been updated to version which can import Bullet Profiles directly for barrel twist/bullet stability analysis.  Download TwistCalc and replace the existing program. 

Display Delta program on desktop - Download  MyMobiler (Freeware) to your desktop or laptop computer.  Connect PDA to computer and install MyMobiler.  Open the MyMobiler folder on the desktop and double-click on the MyMobiler icon.  The PDA screen appears on the desktop monitor and makes data entry in the Delta program easier since it is being done from a full sized keyboard.

Updated Bullet Database - Download then copy to the FFS_Data folder; replace existing file.  For use in Delta software version 4.2 and higher only.)  Last update: 20 June 2014.

Necessary Support Software

If you are using WM 5.0, you may need to install .NET Compact Framework 2.0 on your PDA.  Download and then install: